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Groups Work Together to Provide Public With Better Data About Broadband Options

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WASHINGTON, DC, July 22, 2008 - and the National Association of Telecommunications Officers & Advisors (NATOA) announced that they are working together to help provide the public with better data about their high-speed internet options. is a free, consumer-focused web service that allows the public to learn and share information about where individual broadband companies provide service. NATOA is a national trade association that represents local government jurisdictions and consortiums. provides the public and policy-makers with information and news about the companies that offer broadband, the quality of their service, and how actual internet speeds compare against promised speeds. Consumers are invited to post comments about their carriers on the site.

"NATOA members are experts on the state of broadband deployment within their counties and cities," said Drew Clark, Executive Director. "They will provide a crucial set of eyes and ears to help ensure the accuracy of company-specific broadband information."

"Local governments have always played an essential role in ensuring that the benefits of communications infrastructure would be available in communities across the United States," said Libby Beaty, NATOA Executive Director. " provides a platform for NATOA members to improve the scope and scale of publicly-available broadband data." and NATOA have developed an online system allowing NATOA members to record detailed information about local broadband deployments for the public to view. This information is vital to a transparent, competitive and universally accessible internet.

About provides news and information about broadband technology and internet policy. Since January 2008, has been building a public, transparent and freely accessible database about local broadband speeds, prices, availability, reliability and competition. For more about, visit

About the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors:

NATOA promotes community interests in communications. A national trade association based in Alexandria, Va., NATOA represents local government jurisdictions and consortiums, including elected and appointed officials and staff, who oversee communications and cable television franchising. For more about NATOA, visit


Drew Clark, Executive Director
E-mail: drew at
Telephone: 202-580-8196

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NATOA Announces Adoption of Broadband Principles, Partnership Initiatives and Actions (Press Release, July 18, 2008)

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