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WASHINGTON, September 27 - The blog posts are beginning to appear for the Broadband Census for America Conference on Friday, September 26. Here's the post by Tim Vollmer from the American Library Association. And from Cynthia Brumfeld at IP Democracy. And from Susan Crawford's blog.

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  1. Here’s my comments on Susan Crawford’s blog:

    Reacting to Tom Jaskiewicz, I’m sorry to hear about the browser crash, and I appreciate the feedback. On our “census page,” at, you do have the option, in the drop down menu to the right of “What type of service?” to say “Dial-up.” We are not assuming you do or don’t have broadband — we are trying to find out where, and who, offers it in a given ZIP code, as well as smaller geographical units, like ZIP+4. We realize that ZIP codes are too large, which is why we have been supporting efforts to collect and publicly release data on the census block and ZIP+4 level. See

    With regard to Brett Glass’ comment, we’ve been talking about this for a long time already. Please see

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