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Massachusetts Governor Highlights Significance of Broadband in Federal Stimulus Legislation

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January 17, 2009 - Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick highlighted the significance of broadband in his "State of the Commonwealth" address on Thursday, January 15.

Jobs from extending broadband services was the first item mentioned in his list of the way that pending federal stimulus legislation could promote economic recovery in Massachusetts:

"I asked you to invest significantly over the next few years in rebuilding our college campuses, expanding broadband access, improving public and affordable housing, upgrading our parks and open spaces, and restoring our roads, rails and bridges - and you did." ...

"At the federal level, we are working hard to help shape a federal stimulus package to bridge us to a better economy. If and when that package is passed, we will be ready to get projects underway and put people to work. That means jobs extending broadband services; jobs installing solar panels, wind turbines, and weather stripping; jobs rebuilding roads, rails and bridges; jobs modernizing our health care records management system and building schools."

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