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    May 4, 2009 at 4:35 pm

    As for a Broadband census-Good luck-Even the speed tests are incompatible with the issues the ISPs in this country have created. A data rate and speed test is two entirely different things. The current system shows an average speed of 3.5Mbps nationally. But the average data rate among broadband users are barely reaching DSL claims at 1.5Mbps down and 3 to 527kbps up. On a 12Mbps down the average data rate is 3.5Mbps. We will not see the numbers get any better with the touted 100Mbps systems either. The strain on backhaul and current congestion is not reversible and economically unreasonable. The cost of rewiring this country’s land and buildings is staggering, and WiMax is not the solution. In about 18 months ADIOCHAIN INC is rolling out a new system that runs a minimum Guaranteed 50Mbps Up and 50Mbps Down data transferee, for $50 per month with no Cap and no Contract Fees. In order to do this the system has to be built entirely outside the current structure. As I said before it cannot be fixed. Until someone is willing to outright be honest about the numbers and the technology, the customer is going to keep getting fleeced, and the nation will lose the bid to stay in the financial and competitive runnings.We began to develop a system, that in many respects along the same lines as the new when it became abundantly clear after a full investigation into the stability of the net and its new technologies on the horizon, that a stable environment would never be possible. This is not a joking matter. And I sincerely hope with your census the gravity of the problem will get some much needed exposure.

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