Further Updates to the BroadbandCensus.com List of NTIA Comments

Broadband Stimulus, NTIA, NTIA Comments May 27th, 2009

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WASHINGTON, May 27, 2009 – The BroadbandCensus.com List of NTIA Comments has been updated to include summaries of additional comments filed with the Commerce Department’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration.

Check back to this page frequently to view additional summaries of the substantive comments filed before the NTIA. The comments are summarized by the staff of BroadbandCensus.com.

If you have a question about, or suggestion for, the BroadbandCensus.com List of NTIA Comments, please e-mail Cody Williams, Business Development Manager, BroadbandCensus.com, williams@broadbandcensus.com

Comments updated on the Broadband Census.com List of Comments

  • American Legislative Exchange Council
  • American Library Association
  • American Public Power Association
  • American Tower
  • ApexCoVantage
  • Apple, Inc.
  • Arizona
  • Association of Public Safety Officials
  • Association of Public TV Stations
  • Van Horne Cooperative Telephone Company
  • Verizon Communications
  • Vermont Center for Geographic Information
  • ViaSat
  • Virginia
  • VOIP Logic
  • Vonage
  • Washington
  • Western Iowa Networks
  • Western Telecommunications Alliance
  • WGBH in Boston
  • WindStream
  • Wirefree Partners
  • Wireless Communication Alliance International
  • Wireless Internet Service Providers Association
  • Wyoming
  • Zero Divide
  • Zhone Technologies

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