Better Broadband Better Lives Weekly Report June 1st 2009

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WASHINGTON, June 1, 2009 – The FCC issued its rural broadband report, which many see as laying the groundwork for the national broadband strategy due February 2010. Upcoming events on computers, freedom and privacy – and the broadband stimulus – force a re-evaluation: is broadband about more than just the Internet?

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Drew Clark is the Chairman of the Broadband Breakfast Club. He tracks the development of Gigabit Networks, broadband's impact, and the universal service fund @BroadbandCensus. He is also Of Counsel with the firm of Best Best & Krieger LLP. The articles and posts on and affiliated social media, including LinkedIN, are not legal advice or legal services, do not constitute the creation of an attorney-client privilege, and represent the views of their respective authors.

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