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Massachusetts Offers RFP for Broadband Consultants

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WASHINGTON, June 30, 2009 - The Massachusetts Technology Collaborative on Monday issued a statewide Request for Proposal (RFP) concerning contract oversight in its expanding broadband development.

In cooperation with Massachusetts Broadband Institute, the RFP hopes to "solicit responses from firms or teams of firms with experience providing consulting services on the development and operation of broadband infrastructure, writing requests for proposals, outreach and evaluation of industry partners and creating business plans and pricing models."

Applying consultants ought to be able to perform the four tasks listed by the Collaborative:

  • establishing 60 firms as possible future broadband partners;
  • develop scoring methodology and initial briefing event with future partners;
  • develop sustainability plan for projects; and
  • incorporate partnership and sustainability into an RFP for broadband development in western Massachusetts after the state submits its American Recovery and Reinvestment Act grant application around August.

The list of 60 possible future industry partners might "include both wired and wireless retail broadband service providers, wholesale broadband service providers (including those associated with electric utilities), and broadband construction firms," said MTC.

The $40 million given to MBI by the Broadband Act is hoping to only be a first step in broadband expansion.

February's ARRA funding – up to $7.2 billion for broadband projects – has led Massachusetts to accelerate its plan for public investment in backbone and regional distribution network capacity.

The proposals are due by 3 p.m. ET Tuesday, July 8, 2009. Decisions are expected to be made by July 15, 2009.

Other states, such Virginia and New York, with two Requests for Information (RFIs) released this month by New York City, have been actively pursuing broadband development. Much of this activity is anticipation of the NTIA rules that are expected to released late on Tuesday, or early on Wednesday.

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