Alabama, Arizona and Missouri Governments Offer Picks for Broadband Dollars

Broadband Stimulus, NTIA, Premium Content October 20th, 2009

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October 16, 2009 – The states of Alabama, Arizona and Missouri released their lists of recommendations for broadband stimulus grants to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration on Friday, October 16.

In Alabama, a five-page recommendation came from the Alabama Broadband Initiative, which urged that the federal government fund 41 projects. In their letter, the commission said that its recommendation meant that its review committee deemed that “ (1) the project will meet a broadband infrastructure need within the State; (2) the project will increase the use of broadband technology within the State to better serve our citizenry; and/or (3) the project will provide public access to computers within underserved areas of the State.” The initiative also said that “infrastructure projects within the State are our number one priority.”

In Arizona, the three-page recommendation came from the State of Arizona Government Information Technology Agency, and it recommended 21 projects. Without any commentary, the recommendation rated projects within the middle mile, last mile, public computing centers and sustainable adoption categories as either “exceptional,” “outstanding,” or “deserving of funding consideration.”

In Missouri, a 10-page letter from Gov. Jeremiah W. Nixon articulated a detailed framework for bringing more comprehensive broadband to the state. The state put forward 16 projects in its recommendations.

In the portions of this story included below as premium content, provides links to uploaded copies of the letters of the Alabama Broadband Initiative, Gov. Jeremiah W. Nixon of Missouri, and of the State of Arizona Government Information Technology Agency, to the NTIA. The Missouri letter is also available on the MoBroadbandNow wiki.

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