FCC Chairman Genachowski Praises AT&T's Wireless VoIP Move

Broadband Updates, Wireless October 6th, 2009

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Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski on Monday praised the Tuesday move, by AT&T, to no longer prevent customers with Apple’s iPhone from using voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) telephone services bypassing AT&T’s voice network. AT&T and Apple have been in a long-running spat with Google over who is to blame for incompatibilities between the various devices and services offered by the three companies.

“When AT&T indicated, in response to the FCC’s inquiry, that it would take another look at permitting VoIP on its 3G network I was encouraged,” Genachowski said in a statement. “I commend AT&T’s decision to open its network to VoIP. Opening wireless services to greater consumer choice will drive investment and innovation in the mobile marketplace.”

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2 Responses to “FCC Chairman Genachowski Praises AT&T's Wireless VoIP Move”

  1. Apple, AT&T, the FCC, Google and Skype remark on AT&T opening VoIP over 3G « [tech junkie] Says:

    […] Chairman Julius Genachowski said: ‘When AT&T indicated, in response to the FCC’s inquiry, that it would take another look at […]

  2. Mike Says:


    With so many companies pumping VOIP over mobile applications, one has to wonder given it is bypassing the voice network which will reduce profits for AT&T, what will these optional data plans cost? I got nailed for violating data TOS which stated no voice over data, as in VOIP, and I was paying $40. extra for data plan, so now AT&T is allowing VOIP applications, so you bet your last dollar, date charges are going to more than compensate for permission for others to access data useage.

    In my research after getting hit with data violation, I moved to a new technology which is far less costly, and a much better connection, it is called Cellular Over Internet Protocol, COIP, and it does not require aGSM smart phone like all the VOIP applications do, plus, you don’t have to switch carriers or be forced to go with AT&T or T-Mobile just to use these VOIP applications, a major plus given peak bandwidth at AT&T and poor coverage by T-Mobile.

    Simply put, you can get COIP access dial tone on any cell phone for a fraction of cost of VOIP over mobile, and COIP is not a bandwidth hog like texting and VOIP is on cellular carrier networks. As one who travels internationally, no more roaming, no more SIM card swapping if you have smart phone already, COIP works anywhere in the world calling anywhere in the world for a fraction of all others combined. Worth a look, glad I found this new VOIP-COIP.com technology.

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