Governors of Illinois and Kansas Winnow State Broadband Stimulus Applications

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October 20, 2009 – The states of Illinois and Kansas on Tuesday released their recommendations for the first round of broadband stimulus funding, with Illinois winnowing 140 applicants for broadband projects to a list of 31 proposed projects, and Kansas narrowing its pool of 85 applicants to 22.

Merely because a project is on the list of recommendations from a state does not guarantee acceptance by the Commerce Department’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration and the Agriculture Department’s Rural Utilities Service – nor does it mean that the federal government must select from among candidates on the state-approved list.

In his October 14 letter to Lawrence Strickling, head of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, Gov. Pat Quinn said that from the time that he was chairman of the Illinois Broadband Deployment Council, “one of my long-standing priorities is to improve the cost, speed and availability of world-class information and communication networks in rural, low-income and disadvantaged communities.”

“I firmly believe that broadband progress made possible by the BTOP will hasten innovation in education, government, public safety, health care, economic and community development in Illinois,” said Quinn. “Seldom does one program offer such promise.”

In Kansas, the dollar sum of the 22 projects recommended by Gov. Mark Parkinson totaled $283 million, with the most expensive recommended project being that of Pixius Communications, requesting grant funding to construct a wireless middle mile network, for $55 million. The lowest-cost recommended grant belonged to the Miami County Medical Center, for $141,000, to upgrade T-1 lines replace digital subscriber lines for connectivity with eight rural clinics and one outpatient rehabilitation facility serving rural populations

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