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American Cable Association Endorses Time Warner’s Effort to Cap Licensing Costs

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WASHINGTON, November 30, 2009 - A trade association representing small and independent cable television providers has endorsed Time Warner Cable's effort to reign in rising programming licensing fees. The American Cable Association announced on Monday its support for Time Warner's "Roll Over or Get Tough" campaign, which the company launched week as a web site to educate consumers about rising programming costs' effect on bills - asserting television networks are threatening to cut viewers off from their favorite shows.

"Small cable operators...who cannot afford to engage in hand-to-hand combat with price-gouging media conglomerates, applaud Time Warner Cable’s efforts to ‘Get Tough’ with programmers in hopes that some modicum of reasonableness will return to the market as a result," ACA President and CEO Matthew M. Polka said.

Increased cable prices could stymie the growth of broadband in rural areas by tying up capital investment, Polka said. "ACA hopes that Time Warner Cable’s public relations campaign highlighting marketplace misdoings will lead Congress and the FCC to recognize that cable networks and broadcasters regularly abuse their market power."

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  1. I’m disturbed by this campaign. I’m a consumer and frankly Time Warner is the premium cable operator in my area. I pay 50% more for their service. They need to roll over and provide the channel lineup they commit too, or simply reduce the channels they offer and make their price competitive.

    Lets face it. Whatever results and comments are garnered from this study will be overinflated and highly scrutinized for popular feedback. This is nothing more than a play by them and the customer’s voice will only be communicated to providers if it is aligned with their corporate strategy.

    Time Warner comes across as a sissy crybaby on a playground in this campaign instead of acting like a national corporation. The Fortune 500 company I work for (finance industry) would never advertise in such a shady format.

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