Broadband People Column: New Faces on FCC’s National Broadband Team

National Broadband Plan, Premium Content November 13th, 2009

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WASHINGTON, November 13, 2009 – The Federal Communications Commission this week named David Isenberg and Mohit Kaushaul as the latest members of its broadband team. The group is being led by Blair Levin, a former telecom analyst, who has been charged with crafting the FCC’s national broadband plan.

“The plan is due for delivery to Congress on February 17, 2010. Everybody working on the plan takes this date very seriously. The work will continue after this; how long I stay at the FCC after February 17 is anybody’s guess at this point,” wrote Isenberg in a blog entry.

Isenberg will be an expert broadband advisor at the FCC with a focus on how physical infrastructure choices facilitate or impede policy options. Isenberg has worked for Bell Labs and AT&T Labs and produced a Washington, D.C., technology policy conference called F2C: Freedom to Connect. He has a Ph.D. from Cal Tech in biology.

Kaushaul will be heading up a newly formed digital healthcare team at the FCC. He was previously at a venture capital fund in Boston focusing on the healthcare sector and has been an ER physician. “He will be looking at the potential promise of broadband to both cut costs out of the health care system and improve outcomes for people. He is also focusing on analyzing the current connectivity of healthcare in the U.S., covering both wired and wireless infrastructure,” wrote Eric Garr, general manager of the omnibus broadband initiative in a blog entry.

In the portions of this column includes as Premium Content, futher details are outlined about the FCC’s National Broadband Plan Task Force, as well as details about new hires at TechAmerica, a departure at the White House, and a job openings in the tech and internet telephony world.

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