Better Broadband Better Lives Offers Strategic Broadband Mapping Solution for State Designated Entities

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WASHINGTON, December 14, 2009 - Broadband Census Data announced the availability of highly granular Census block mapping services to state recipients of broadband mapping grants. provides the information necessary for states to meet grant obligations under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. It does this by identifying:

  • carriers;
  • internet technologies;
  • advertised speeds;
  • prices; and
  • the presence or absence of broadband within each Census block.

Using, a state can fully map the broadband footprint of its carriers within 42 days for a fraction of the budget allocated by the Recovery Act.

And the cost is less than what a state might otherwise expect for a product of this caliber. builds its broadband maps by blending multiple data sets of publicly-available information.

These sources include:

  • Wireline footprints;
  • Radio-frequency engineering maps;
  • Publicly-available carrier data;
  • Survey-grade research; and
  • Crowdsourced data.

The data underlying is verifiable, publicly available, and granular to the Census block level. can also go beyond the Census block level and offer consumer broadband data at the rooftop level. This survey-grade information is no more than six months old.

Unlike compiled consumer data built for direct marketing, the suite of services makes use of active household demographic data.

Working in collaboration with Brian Webster Consulting, Broadband Census Data offers states and other parties the solution they need to meet their broadband mapping requirements. States need to meet these in order to obtain ARRA grants.

For your broadband mapping solution, please contact Or call Robert Sepe, Mapping Services, Broadband Census Data, at 919-467-5392.

About Broadband Census LLC:

Broadband Census has provided news and data about broadband access and deployment since January 2008. The company is widely regarded as the leader in the quest for public and transparent broadband maps.

In September, the company’s Broadband Census Data LLC subsidiary released its map of Columbia, South Carolina. Available at, the map documents the presence or absence of broadband service, the deployment technology, the advertised speeds, and the broadband providers.

In addition to its data subsidiary, Broadband Census News LLC provides daily news about broadband stimulus, wireless broadband, and the national broadband plan at

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