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Competition is Critical for National Plan, Free Press Report Says

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WASHINGTON, December 16, 2009 - Competition is key to a truly successful national broadband plan according to a report released on Wednesday by advocacy group Free Press. The report, entitled "Making the National Broadband Plan Work for America,"is a a public interest guide that lays out the central questions that must be answered by the Federal Communications Commission," Free Press said in a release.

"The success of broadband adoption and deployment issues all hinge on whether we have a competitive marketplace," said Free Press policy director Ben Scott. "If the plan does not address the broadband competition crisis then the FCC will not be in a position to deliver the world-class communications infrastructure Congress has asked for."

Among other points, Free Press' report stresses the idea that broadband is now a public utility neccessary for modern life in America and should be treated as such. "No longer is Internet access a luxury service for consumers," Scott said. "It is a must-have service for the public."

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