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NCTA’s ‘Adoption Plus (A+) Program’: The Significance




The National Cable Telecommunications Association and Kyle McSlarrow must be commended for their creation, in partnership with both public and private sectors, the Adoption Plus (A+) Program, “a comprehensive pilot program to promote broadband adoption in low-income households with middle school-aged children”. The aforesaid program is the kind of cutting-edge solution to Broadband Adoption that can secure our students entrance into the broadband age as global economic competition continues to stride forward in the 21st Century.

Key elements of the program include:

  • A 2-year public-private partnership to encourage broadband adoption within the Middle School environment in assisting 3.5 million students and 1.8 million households
  • Eligible to middle school students in grades 6 through 9 that are participants in the (free or reduced-cost lunch through the national School Lunch Program
  • Participating schools must qualify students for program entry
  • Offers discounted purchase of computers for students through participating manufacturers
  • Offers discounted broadband service through all NCTA/ISP provider members (50% off broadband service per month for 2 years, including 50% off modem purchase, and free broadband installation

The Adoption Plus (A+) Program is targeting low income students who have the disadvantage of not having access to a broadband connection and computer for home use. Studies have proven that the use of computer/broadband access to supplement educational resources produces significantly improved results in overall test scores of those students.

This clearly represents a serious move forward for the NCTA and cable industry in taking ownership of the needs of underprivileged children within our society to build a better educational partnership between the public and private sectors. Their creation and commitment to this program should be commended. For more information visit

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