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FCC Seeks One-Month Extension for National Broadband Plan

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WASHINGTON, January 8, 2010 - With just over 30 days until the unveiling of the national broadband plan, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski has asked congress for more time. In a letter (PDF)  to the Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, he says that the creation of the plan is one of the largest undertakings the FCC has ever tried. He said that the FCC needs more time to get more information from the public. The extension is a short one; with a new due date of March 17.

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  1. According to ConnectedNation: “With $4 billion now available in broadband stimulus funds, Connected Nation is working to inform states about how to increase their broadband availability and adoption rates, including creating maps of rural and remote areas to help states maximize broadband stimulus funds. If your state needs assistance in the broadband application process, learn more about how Connected Nation can help here. ”

    If the above quote from ConnectedNation is to be read literally, the organization has been award $4B of the $7B for “mapping” . That ought to be enough one would think.

    For only $500K we could provide actual service to hundreds of real families in need. But it appears with every award announcment that “shovel ready” delivery of service is not the real focus of the Stimulus program as monies continue to go for “intangible” products of suspect usefulness or value. The likelihood of ever seeing monies to provide last mile of service to the needy appears remote at best. Prove me wrong.

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