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Net Neutrality Comments: Skype Supports Open Internet Rules

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WASHINGTON, January 15, 2010 - Skype is in support of net neutrality and wants the Federal Communications Commission to implement the open intenet rules. They are in the unique position of having their service directly affected by internet service providers that infringe on the rights of their customers.

“Skype supports balanced policies complimented by case-by-case adjudication of the Commission’s framework that will lead to greater levels of investment and innovation in core and edge technologies.” They also support the expansion of the rules to the wireless providers but feel that reasonable network management is different based upon different platforms and so should not be the same standard.

Skype does, however, support the prevention of the blocking of applications on all the platform types: “Skype believes that it should never be reasonable for any network operator, including wireless network operators, to block, throttle or degrade particular applications without regard to the network capacity such applications actually are consuming.”

FCC filing:

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