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FCC Chief Lauds Cisco’s New Heavy-Duty Router

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WASHINGTON, March 9, 2010 - Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski is pleased with Cisco Systems’ announcement today of its new ultra strength router capable of handling extensive Internet traffic.

"Fast networks will speed our digital economy,” Genachowski said. “That's why I have advocated for the goal of connecting every community to a 1GB network through anchor institutions like schools and libraries.”

Genachowski added that new technologies like Cisco's and investments by broadband providers are important steps toward this goal.

“Ultra high-speed networks will ensure that the jobs and businesses of the future are created in America. Every American should have the opportunity to share in the benefits of broadband,” he said.

Many telecom carriers use Cisco’s router to power Internet traffic.

Cisco said Tuesday that its new CRS-3 router has 12 times the capacity of competitors’ equipment. It also uses up to 40 percent of the power that rivals’ similar equipment uses, according to Cisco.

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