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Four States Win $28.6 Million Broadband Grant

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WASHINGTON, April 16, 2010  - The Commerce Department’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration on Friday announced an investment in broadband growth to help boost economic growth, create jobs and improve education and public safety in portions of Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas.

The $28.6 million grant will increase broadband access and adoption by funding the build-out and deployment of more than 680 miles of a new fiber-optic network in 35 communities.  The project intends to directly connect more than 70 community institutions to the broadband network, including city halls, police stations, fire stations, libraries, schools and a hospital.

Allegiance Communications plans to use the grant to deploy broadband technology to an estimated 12,700 households and 230 businesses in the four-state region.

It will be the first time wireline broadband service faster than dial-up is offered in most of the affected communities.

Allegiance also plans to upgrade communications for public safety organizations to improve storm warning systems and first responder efforts.

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