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FCC Announces Agenda for Open Meeting

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WASHINGTON, May 28. 2010 – The FCC released a tentative agenda for its next open meeting, which is scheduled for Thursday, June 17. The FCC aims to create a framework for broadband internet service by considering several “possible legal frameworks for broadband internet services in order to promote innovation and investment, protect and empower consumers, and bring the benefits of broadband to all Americans.”

This most recent notice asks for public comment on three questions:  Whether the commission’s "information service" classification of broadband internet service remains legally sound and adequate to support effective performance of the commission’s responsibilities. What the “legal and practical consequences” would be if the commission were to classify broadband internet connectivity under Title II of the Communications Act. Lastly, it looks to address whether a compromise position is possible whereby only certain elements of Title II regulation are applied to broadband Internet service, while maintaining the service’s existing status under Title I of the Communications Act.

According to the notice, the provisions to be applied would be only those geared toward ensuring “fundamental universal service, competition and consumer protection policies.”

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