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FCC Announces New Mobile Broadband Spectrum Plans

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WASHINGTON, June 18, 2010 - The Federal Communication Commission’s Spectrum Task Force this morning announced plans to increase the spectrum available to mobile broadband.

Group co-chairs, Ruth Milkman and Julius Knapp, discussed the National Broadband Plan’s original plans for mobile broadband, which include a goal of 500 megahertz by 2020, in a conference call this morning. The Spectrum Task Force was created to see these goals to fruition, and in April the commission adopted an order that gave 25 MHz of spectrum to mobile broadband.

Today, the task force announced plans to give up to 90 MHz of additional spectrum to accelerate terrestrial deployment in mobile satellite service band and 4G accommodation. As a part of the plan, the task force will remove several policies that are considered barriers to flexible mobile wireless use.

This will also create better opportunities for the deployment of mobile broadband to locations currently without it, the group said. Knapp said that giving more spectrum to mobile broadband will be essential in emergency situations, where communication depends upon wireless service.


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