Obama to Direct the Auction of 500Mhz of Spectrum

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WASHINGTON, June 28, 2010 – In an effort to support the goals of the National Broadband Plan, President Obama will sign a presidential memorandum directing the auction of 500megahertz of spectrum which is currently owned by the federal government and some private firms.

"The President's plan will nearly double the amount of commercial spectrum available to unleash the innovative potential of wireless broadband," says Larry Summers, director of Obama's National Economic Council. "This initiative will catalyze private sector investment, contribute to economic growth, and help to create hundreds of thousands of jobs."

The auctions would still require legislation and congressional approval before occurring; but the memorandum is a strong show of support.

While the specific bands which will be up for auction have not yet been disclosed the administration claims these are underutilized bands. The New York Times is reporting that 45% of the spectrum to be sold is government owned. The type of auction, reverse or traditional, has also not been disclosed.

This massive auction of spectrum is directly in line with the goal of the national broadband plan which sought to make 500megahertz available over the next 10 years.

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