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Muleta Believes that Lowering Reoccurring Costs will Spur Adoption

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WASHINGTON July 19, 2010- The high cost of devices and connectivity are causing the digital divide says John Muleta, Founder and CEO of M2Z. Speaking at the Minority Media & Telecom Council’s eighth annual Access to Capital and Telecommunications Policy Conference Muleta explains how consumers are unable to get online due to the reoccurring costs of owning internet devices.

He then went onto describe M2Z Networks plan of using white space to create a low cost network for consumers. By lowering the cost of the monthly subscription he believes more consumers will be willing to purchase internet enabled devices.

Muleta also espoused the idea of giving consumers free access for a short period of time to allow them to discover how the internet will improve their lives. Once consumers understand the value of the internet they will then be willing to pay for service.

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