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Net Index Gives Public Global Broadband Speed and ISP Quality Ratings

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WASHINGTON, July 28, 2010 – Ookla Net Metrics has made internet performance statistics available for countries, states, and localities available through its Net Index website.

Net Index uses data collected from its and sites to compare and rank different locations’ broadband speeds and the quality of internet service providers in those locations.

Ookla co-founder Doug Settles said the Net Index technology was originally intended for use by the FCC, who decided to use a different service to test internet service providers and speeds. However, Ookla chose to go ahead and use the Net Index reporting capabilities and to make the collected data public.

Consumers can use Net Index to see the service providers in their area. The site ranks the providers and gives their speed as well as a customer rating for each provider. This ranking system is expected to drive regional competition for internet providers.

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