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Non-Profits Send Letter Supporting Net Neutrality to FCC

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WASHINGTON July 1, 2010 – In a show of support for network neutrality 150 groups sent a letter of support to the Federal Communications Commission. The coalition included a wide range of stakeholders from the DC based media advocacy group Free Press, to Helping Hands Pet rescue out of Florida, to Massachusetts’ Stop It Now! Child Sex Abuse Prevention and Protection Center.

Their letter states: “Net Neutrality is vital to ensuring that everyone has a voice on issues of public concern. Open Internet opponents have claimed that Net Neutrality rules would give the government the power to "become the Web's traffic cop, shutting down free speech on the Internet." Nothing could be further from the truth. Without rules to prevent discrimination, Internet providers will be free to choose whose voices are more important and whose get left out.”

It goes onto to say that without net neutrality protections these organizations would not be able to help their respective communities.

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