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Verizon Smartphones Consume More Data than AT&T iPhone

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WASHINGTON July 29, 2010- Consumer research firm Validas has just released data from a recent consumer survey which shows that on average Verizon Smartphone users consume more data than AT&T iPhone users.

Derived from 20,000 wireless bills from January to May 2010; the study found that Verizon Smartphone users consumed 421 Mb per month while iPhone users consumed 338 Mb per month.

However the data also revealed that more than half of Verizon Smartphone consumed less than 200 Mb per month.

Recently AT&T has come under fire for removing their unlimited plan and shifting to a tiered model. The new model has two tiers of 200 Mb and a 5Gb. However the data shows the on average their users only consumed 149.6 Mb. While only 2/10ths of 1 percent of both Verizon Smartphones and iPhones use more than 5 GBs per month.

“Verizon Wireless posts the largest percentage increase in mean data usage per user from 48.2MB to 147.2 MB; increase from 33.4% to 42.9% lines with data usage.

T-Mobile second largest percentage increase in mean data usage per user, from 44.6 MB to 120.6 MB, but virtually no growth in overall percentage of lines with data usage.

Sprint increased from 36.9% of lines with data usage to 49.9%, but mean usage per user decreased from 166.5 MB to 133.4 MB due to increase in % of users consuming 50MBs or less per month.”


  1. So, this company has customers for whom they are paid to help them study their billing and plans. They share their accumulative results and compare everything against just the Apple iPhone from AT&T. Not all AT&T Smartphones, just iPhones. These are a captive set of customers from this organization, who outsource their billing to this company. It is not a random sample, but one produced from a profile of businesses and individuals/families that utilize Veridas for their services.

    This comparison is dubious, the data is suspect, and the results appear superfulous.

  2. well that “iphone 5 ” that was leaked here recently looked like the new CDMA version (buttons and seams) but also had space for a sim card so I am willing to bet that if this 1st generation CDMA iphone on Verizon does not have a sim card then the next iPhone on verizon probably will have one some of Verizons smart phones do

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