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Kerry Urges FCC to Act on Network Neutrality

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WASHINGTON August 6, 2010- Senator John Kerry (D-Mass) is urging Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski to preserve and protect the open internet. In a statement the Senator said he was pleased that the commission would stop holding closed door meetings and move forward to a regulatory action.

He also said that “Congressional stalemate is making a legislative solution look increasingly unlikely in the near term.” However it seems as though he would have preferred a legislative solution rather than a regulatory action.

Kerry said that the regulatory path was “an imperfect solution, it’s his [Genachowski’s] only real option to maintain the proper role of government oversight in communications. While we search for a long term solution I believe that all regulatory options should remain on the table.”

He has not however given up on a possible legislative solution he would like to create a bi-partisan solution that “and promotes an open, ubiquitous, inclusive Internet infrastructure between Title II and an unregulated network.”

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