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Markey Wants FCC to Act to Protect Consumers

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WASHINGTON August 6, 2010 - Massachusetts Representative Ed Markey (D) is urging the Federal Communications Commission to enforce network neutrality.

In response to the potential Verizon – Google pact Markey feels that the FCC must act quickly to protect consumers. ““The potential deal between two broadband behemoths underscores the need for the FCC to act quickly to protect the free and open Internet. In the absence of such action, it’s increasingly clear that cozy cooperation between communications colossi will reign on the Internet.”

He goes onto say that if these matters are left up to large companies they will prevent new innovation.

In July of 2009 Markey introduced the Internet Freedom Preservation Act which would have legislatively mandated network neutrality. It says in part “set the policy of the United States regarding various aspects of the Internet, including access, consumer choice, competition, ability to use or offer content, applications, and services, discriminatory favoritism, and capacity.”

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