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Uzbekistan to Get LTE Network

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WASHINGTON, August 2, 2010 - Russian owned Mobile TeleSytems has announced this week that it will be launching a long term evolution, or LTE, network in Uzbekistan. The network will be the first of its kind in central Asia and the first non-TeleSonera owned network.

The LTE network will be initially deployed in the capitol city of Tashkent and provide access speeds of 100 mbps.

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"The development of our networks is a key driver for growth, particularly in a region with relatively low-fixed line broadband penetration. By bringing LTE to the market, we can offer both our business and individual customers the fastest, most reliable broadband access in the region. The introduction of LTE in Uzbekistan will also allow MTS to gain valuable insight from this unique experience and eventually apply it to other markets of operation in the future” said Оleg Raspopov, vice president and head of business unit MTS Foreign Subsidiaries.

Currently there are only three other LTE networks in operation. They are located in Sweden, Norway and Finland; all of which are owned by the Swedish telecom firm TeliSonera.

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