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Verizon Successfully Tests Gigabit Network

WASHINGTON August 16, 2010- Verizon has completed its filed trials of their GPON network which will provide users 2.4 Gbps downstream and 1.2 Gbps upstream.

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WASHINGTON, August 16, 2010- Verizon has completed field trials of its GPON network which will provide users 2.4 gigabytes per second downstream and 1.2 Gbps upstream. These speeds will be achievable on its current network with minimal hardware upgrades.

"This kind of bandwidth capacity will provide Verizon the ability to continue to meet FiOS customers' needs by offering more bandwidth to support services such as 3DTV, ultra HDTV, multiplayer gaming and HD video conferencing," said Brian Whitton, executive director of Verizon's technology group.

The trial required an upgrade of hardware at the server location and the customer site but used the existing fiber network.

"This trial demonstrated that the current architecture has sufficient headroom to allow for a progressive increase in capacity as needed by our residential and business customers on our current GPON platform, and validates our decision to support both residential and business services on the same platform," said Vincent O'Byrne, director of Verizon's technology organization, who managed the trial.

The trial yielded promising results, throughput speeds were measured at 925 megabits per second to a local server and more than 800 Mbps to the regional test speed servers.


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