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Net Neutrality Independent Stakeholder Meetings Gain Momentum

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WASHINGTON, September 2, 2010 - While the Federal Communications Commission stopped holding talks on the issue of the "open internet" in the aftermath of the Google-Verizon policy pact, a number of stakeholders have gotten together at the Information Technology Industry Council to hold new talks.

ITIC President Dean Garfield has said the talks were productive and “significant progress” was being made.

While a full list of meeting participants has not been released it is known that Skype, Microsoft, NCTA, Verizon and AT&T are in attendance.

ITIC released a statement which said in part: “When this multi-phase process is complete, we believe there will be ample common ground on which to find a meaningful and consensus-based solution. At the end of the day, any recommendations will ultimately be judged by Congress, the FCC and the millions of people who rely on the internet as an essential part of their lives. Stated simply, this is more than enough incentive to ensure we get it right.”

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