Sen. Kerry Reaffirms Support for Network Neutrality

Mobile Broadband, Net Neutrality, Wireless September 2nd, 2010

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WASHINGTON, September 2, 2010 - Massachusetts Democrat Sen. John Kerry has issued a statement strongly in support of network neutrality.

“Given my advocacy for net neutrality, I certainly understand why there are strong views on this issue. But rather than retreat to our predictable corners, this should be a time when everyone takes a deep breath and continues to engage in a constructive process,” he said.

He added that it is clear that preserving the open internet is within the scope of authority of the Federal Communications Commission.

“I remain open to and am actively working on a legislative solution to ensure that law reflects the growing consensus that the open internet must be preserved and promoted, but I also believe that the FCC has the authority, ability, and responsibility to use its regulatory authority under existing law to preserve internet freedom with or without a new law. In short, let’s stay at it, because this vigorous debate strengthens the ultimate outcome.”

While not explicitly mentioning an exception for mobile broadband he said: “The FCC is stating that it has a role to play in preserving open, ubiquitous, and accessible communications networks and that the wires and airwaves that constitute that network are and should be subject to oversight and regulation.”

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