Vilsack Announces $518 Million in Broadband Grants

Broadband Stimulus, Fiber, Mobile Broadband, Rural Utilities Service, States, Wireless September 13th, 2010


WASHINGTON, September 13, 2010 – Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has announced 43 new broadband grants across 27 states. Overall, these grants will receive $518 million in government funding and $34.1 million in private investment.

“The broadband projects announced today will give rural Americans access to the tools they need to create jobs and access improved health care and educational opportunities,” Vilsack said. “These projects will not only create jobs for the people who will build these networks, the completed systems will provide a platform for rural economic growth for years to come. The Obama Administration understands that bringing broadband to rural America provides a gateway for businesses and key anchor institutions – such as libraries, schools, public safety and community centers.”

The majority of the grants, 23 of 43, given were in support of fiber- to-the-home projects.

There were also eight wireless projects, four WiMax and four based on 3G technologies.

The final 12 projects were general infrastructure projects to build middle mile support and increase connections to public computing centers.

Three of the projects will include some tribal land coverage.

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    […] ways to stimulate economic growth, broadband expansion efforts have reached new heights. Yesterday, Agricultural Secretary Tom Vilsack announced an additional $518 million in new broadband grants.  To complement the government contributions, private industry is expected to put another $34 […]

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