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Progress and Freedom Foundation Closes Shop

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WASHINGTON, October 4, 2010 - The Progress & Freedom Foundation has announced that it's closing shop after 17 years as a technology policy think tank. It shut down Friday, Oct. 1.

PFF studied the digital revolution and its implications for public policy while advocating a philosophy of limited government, free markets, property rights and individual sovereignty, the group said in its announcement. The organization convened numerous policy events, including its nationally recognized annual Aspen Summit, which brought together leading thinkers and policy makers in the field.

"PFF has had an amazing 17-year run," said PFF's last president, Adam Thierer. "It's been a great honor to be with PFF for the past five years and I'm extremely proud of everything the organization has accomplished. PFF will be remembered by its scores of scholars and the hundreds of participants in its programs over the years as a cutting-edge research institution that generated exciting ideas in communications, media and high-tech policy. We're all very proud of the PFF legacy."

The group's web site is still available online at, where the think tank's scholarly work is available.

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