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Russian Internet Companies Call for Online Liability Regime Clarity

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Five of Russia's largest internet companies have called for an update of the country's copyright laws, according to the wire news service Agence France Press.

"We believe that when the procedures are being observed (to prevent copyright violations) internet services cannot be held responsible for content uploaded by users," said the five companies in a recent statement published on their websites. "In Europe, the United States and other countries the legal question about restricting the responsibility of the Internet media in these situations was decided more than 10 years ago."

The signatory companies are: mail service Mail.Ru, networking site VKontakte and search engines Yandex and Ramble.

Russian copyright holders charge that it's the responsibility of internet intermediaries to filter content for copyright violations, but the five companies said in their collective statement that they're not required to by law, nor have they the technical capacity to do so.

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