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Copyright Alliance Picks Time Warner Lawyer To Head Up Its Lobbying Efforts

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The Copyright Alliance's New Executive Director Sandra Aistars

The Copyright Alliance on Monday named Sandra Aistars as its executive director. Aistars succeeds the group's Founder Patrick Ross, a well-respected Washington, D.C. technology journalist who left earlier this year to return to writing.

Aistars is currently a vice president and associate general counsel at Time Warner, which is a board member of the educational outreach  group. She's held that position for the past seven years.

In its press statement on her selection, the Copyright Alliance noted Aistars' management, communications and leadership skills, and her background in addressing distribution issues across different kinds of digital media platforms.

Aistars has also worked with policymakers both domestically and internationally, and served as an industry trade advisor to the Department of Commerce on international trade issues.

“Despite my own regrettable lack of artistic talent, my life has been enriched by a host of incredibly gifted creators who have given me a great appreciation for the creative process and a recognition of its importance in our culture,” Aistars said in a press statement.

Family members include an opera singer, authors and painters.

The Copyright Alliance is a membership group that represents corporate content creators. Its corporate members include AT&T, Time Warner, Viacom, NBC Universal, the Motion Picture Association of America,  and Walt Disney, as well as many associations from the worlds of photography, illustration, publishing, software and music.

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