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FCC Files Motion to Throw Out Open Internet Challenges by Verizon, MetroPCS

FCC, Net Neutrality January 31st, 2011

WASHINGTON, January 31, 2011 – The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) filed a motion Friday afternoon asking the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals to dismiss lawsuits by Verizon and MetroPCS against the agency over its recent Open Internet Order.

AT&T Brings Back Unlimited iPhone Data Plan – For Some

Mobile Broadband, Wireless January 28th, 2011

WASHINGTON, January 28, 2011 – Wireless provider AT&T has reportedly begun allowing some of its iPhone customers to switch to an unadvertised unlimited data plan in an apparent effort to retain customers just ahead of competitor Verizon’s launch of the popular handset.

Apple fan sites are reporting that the AT&T’s customer service has offered them an unlimited plan to customers threatening to switch to Verizon. Verizon confirmed Tuesday that it will offer the iPhone 4 with an unlimited data plan beginning early next month.

Congress To Try To Enact Patent Reform – Again

Intellectual Property, Patents January 28th, 2011

WASHINGTON, January 28, 2011 – The chairman of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee is taking another run at enacting legislation that would update the nation’s patent laws.

Judge Bans Hacker From Disseminating PlayStation Unlocking Code

Copyright January 27th, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO, January 27, 2011 — Prize-winning science student and renowned hacker George Hotz was temporarily banned Wednesday from disseminating code that allows PlayStation 3 owners to run software that wasn’t authorized by Sony.

Dept. of Agriculture Announces $34.7 million in High-Tech Grants

Broadband's Impact, Education, Health January 27th, 2011

WASHINGTON, January 27, 2011 – Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced earlier this week the dispersal of $34.7 million in grants through the Distance Learning and Telemedicine Program.

High-Tech Caucus Taps Matsui for Co-Chair

Congress January 27th, 2011

WASHINGTON, January 27, 2011 – The Congressional High-Tech Caucus announced Wednesday that it named Rep. Doris Matsui (D-CA) as its new Co-Chair, joining Republican Michael McCaul (TX).

Innovation, Internet Loom Large in State of the Union Address

Broadband's Impact January 26th, 2011

WASHINGTON, January 26, 2011 – President Obama delivered his annual State of the Union address Tuesday night, noting several times the importance of advancing America’s Internet technology, both for the sake of improving the economy and to secure America’s place as the world leader of digital innovation. In his speech, Obama promised to invest in […]

Verizon Breaks iPhone Exclusivity; Paves Way for Smaller Carriers

Mobile Broadband, Wireless January 25th, 2011

NEW YORK, January 25, 2011 – Verizon announced earlier this month that it declined to sign an exclusive deal with Apple to carry the iPhone, opening the door for other carriers to introduce the popular handset on their own networks. The new arrangement with Verizon breaks a three-year exclusivity deal between AT&T and Apple. The […]

Cantwell Introduces Pro-Net Neutrality Legislation

Congress, FCC, Net Neutrality January 25th, 2011

WASHINGTON, January 25, 2011 – Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-WA) introduced legislation Tuesday to strengthen Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) net-neutrality rules. The Internet Freedom, Broadband Promotion, and Consumer Protection Act of 2011 is co-sponsored by Sen. Al Franken (D-MN), who, along with Cantwell, asserted that the Open Internet Order rules handed down by the agency last […]

Bono Mack Seeks Public Support in Opposition of Network Neutrality

Congress, FCC, Net Neutrality January 25th, 2011

WASHINGTON, January 25, 2011 – Rep. Mary Bono Mack (R-CA) established an online petition via tweet and press release Monday in opposition of the Federal Communications Commission’s Open Internet Order. The Order provides three guidelines by which internet service providers (ISPs) must abide in their offerings to consumers.  First, ISPs must provide services in a […]

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