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T-Mobile UK Limits Usage to 500MB




T-Mobile UK has announced a major change in the content which their users will be allowed to access. In an effort to alleviate congestion on the network users will have unlimited access up to 500MB. After that point users will no longer be able to access streaming video or download content they will however still be able to surf the web. The company will also maintain overall usage limits of 1GB and 3GB.

In a statement, the company said, “From 1 February 2011 new and upgrading customers will be given a monthly 500MB data allowance. There will be no charge for those customers exceeding that limit, and those who do will still be able to access important services such as email and web browsing, however file downloading and streaming services will be restricted. Customers will then have the option to increase their monthly Fair Use Policy to 1GB a month by purchasing a Mobile Broadband Booster.”

This shift in mobile broadband allowance goes against a move by the company’s main rival, Three UK, which removed its bandwidth caps.


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