Los Angeles Port Cops Seize Fake iPods and iPhones Worth More Than A Million

Intellectual Property February 8th, 2011

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More than $1.4 million of fake iPhones and iPods were seized by the Los Angeles Port Police during investigations in December and January as part of a larger bust of a criminal enterprise, authorities reported Monday.

“Counterfeiting takes jobs and revenue away from our city’s coveted creative industries and other legitimate businesses and it will not be tolerated,” said Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa in a press statement.

The port police reported that the counterfeit Apple product parts were shipped from somewhere in Asia, falsely labelled and then assembled in Los Angeles.

Police discovered the fake Apple products during a stolen cargo investigation. Also discovered were other stolen merchandise, toys and blankets, and bank account receipts that “indicate profits from the sale of counterfeit merchandise estimated to be more than $7 million.”

The authorities have charged two brothers in Los Angeles in connection with the discovery of the illegitimate stash.

Customs authorities in San Francisco last April seized more than a million dollars worth of fake iPhones, shipped from Taiwan.

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  1. AsIf Kane Says:

    Why do we spend taxpayer dollars protecting the companies sending their product , process, technology and jobs out of the country where they will inevitably be copied? What happened to the premise let the buyer beware? Want cheap labor? Beware and accept that decisions consequences.

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