American Tower Joins Rural Cellular Association

Wireless March 10th, 2011

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WASHINGTON March 10, 2011 – American Tower, the Boston-based wireless and broadcast infrastructure company, announced Thursday it had joined the Rural Cellular Association.

“American Tower is glad to join RCA, and we support their mission — advocacy for rural and regional wireless carriers,” said American Tower’s Steven Marshall, Executive Vice President and President, U.S. Tower Division through a statement.

American tower leases space on towers along with offering colocation solutions to support wireless networks in the United States, Brazil, Mexico India and the United Kingdom.

“American Tower is a fantastic addition to our membership, and I look forward to working together to help achieve the President’s initiative to deploy advanced wireless communication to 98 percent of Americans within the next five years,” said RCA CEO Steven K. Berry.

RCA represents nearly 100 member wireless providers serving rural and regional areas of the United States.



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