Time Warner Cable Launches New Publicity Campaign Defending iPad App

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Time Warner Cable on Monday defended the legality of its new iPad app and launched a publicity campaign promoting it.

The app enables the company's existing customers to watch cable programming on the device within the confines of their home. Users download the app from the iTunes App Store, sign in with their account information, and start channel-surfing a 32-channel line-up.

Time Warner says that the app has been downloaded 300,000 since it was introduced March 15.

A number of content companies have complained about the launch of the new service, saying that their existing contracts with Time Warner Cable do not specify any streaming rights for iPads.

But Melinda Witmer, a Time Warner executive, is quoted in a New York Times story on Monday saying that her company had already bought the rights.

"We’re standing up for you. You’ve already paid for these TV programs to be delivered to your home, and we believe you should be able to watch these programs anywhere in your house, on any screen you want," a statement on Time Warner's iPad app page says.

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  1. I work for DISH Network and I have been streaming live TV straight to my iPad using the Sling technology I have at home for quite some time now. There are no missing channels, anything I can watch at home I can watch anywhere I have a broadband connection using My Sling Adapter and my iPad. Did I mention I could stream outside my home?

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