FCC Launches New Website

FCC April 6th, 2011

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WASHINGTON, April 6, 2011 – The Federal Communications Commission unveiled a major update to its website for the first time  in 10 years on Tuesday, incorporating many Web 2.0 technologies such as blogs and social media tools that the commission has been embracing since the appointment of Chairman Julius Genachowski in June, 2009.

Users can now easily connect the Commission’s Facebook page, Twitter account and YouTube site. The site also includes an encyclopedia of issues which the agency is working on and provides users with non-technical explanation of the topic.

“This FCC is empowering consumers and businesses to get the most out of technology,” said FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski. “The launch of the new FCC.gov keeps us at the forefront of innovation, and delivers on our promise to move at the speed of high-tech change.”

In January of 2006, the agency launched the site reboot.fcc.gov, aimed at promoting transparency and increasing communication between citizens and the agency. The site also featured the first FCC blog and links to the Commission’s social media efforts.

The new site, which employs open source development, is located at http://beta.fcc.gov/. The agency is currently asking for input on the new look and will be making changes to the site in the upcoming weeks. According to an FCC spokesman, no official date has been set when the new site will replace the existing one.

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