Oregon Debuts State Broadband Map

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WASHINGTON May 12, 2011- After nearly two years of data gathering, the Oregon Public Utility Commission debuted its broadband map Wednesday.

The state received a $2.1 million grant through the Broadband Data Improvement Act and chose to conduct the mapping through its Public Utility Commission with support from the Oregon Broadband Advisory Council.

The Oregon Broadband Advisory Council comprises members of the utility commission, academics from across the state’s universities, tribal representatives, businesses and public safety groups.

The state map is similar to the one developed by the federal government but also includes a speed test to allow citizens to compare the actual speeds they are getting to those displayed on the map.

“Individuals can enter their address and receive a listing of broadband service providers reporting to serve them.  Additional information available includes the various broadband technologies as well as general broadband coverage information for a given area,” OPUC Telecommunications Administrator Bryan Conway said in a prepared statement. “To get the most from the site I encourage people to read the tutorials and then jump in find out what the website has to offer.”

Unlike the national map, which will be updated only twice a year the Oregon Public Utility Commission intends to update the state map more frequently, however, no timetable has been released.

The state map is located at: http://broadband.oregon.gov/StateMap/index.html


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