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The Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas 2013: Better Electronics, Richer Content, Higher-Speed Broadband

Drew Clark



LAS VEGAS, January 7, 2013 - Every year, the Consumer Electronics Show here is a veritable extravaganza of technology, high-value content, and broadband connections. Countless product announcements for this dynamic industry area are made here every year. It's also the place where digital business models and public policy questions intersect.

Given the interest that our broadband policy and internet technology news and events service has in these subjects, this week will be on the ground in Las Vegas at the show, covering all of the broadband angles emerging from the show here.

Today, Monday, is the key press day. I'll be attending press events for Stream TV Networks, Lexus, Netgear, Intel, Cisco or Samsung, Dish Network, Ford, and possibly Sony. Please feel free to reply to us on for suggested questions you would like asked of any of these companies.

Although has covered aspects of the Consumer Electronics Show over the past several years, including the fourth-generation (4G) wireless battles of two years ago, for me personally, this is my first CES since 2005 or 2006. So I'm eager to learn how today's much more prevalent broadband networks (both wired and wireless) are affecting innovation in electronic devices.

I've also written previously for on the key "virtuous cycle" of better electronic devices, richer digital content, and higher-speed broadband connections.

My key goals for this week are three-fold:

  • To promote the upcoming series of Broadband Breakfast Club events for 2013.
  • To get the latest information about how broadband is driving the evolution of new digital technologies in 2013.
  • To get ideas for the book on technology, broadband, and digital media that I plan to write in 2013.

Follow Broadband Breakfast’s coverage of the Consumer Electronics Show at Our goals for CES are to promote the upcoming series of Broadband Breakfast Club events; to get the latest information on how broadband is driving digital technologies in 2013; and to test ideas for a book on technology, broadband, and digital media that Broadband Breakfast’s Publisher Drew Clark plan to write in 2013. He is on Google+ and Twitter.



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