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Broadband Calendar Co-Sponsors VCXC’s “Start!Forum” Addressing the IP Transition at Wiley Rein, June 12th




WASHINGTON, Thursday, May 23, 2013 – The internet policy news and events service will co-sponsor VCXC's (Voice Communication Exchange) June 12,
2013 "Start!Forum" at Wiley Rein, 1776 K Street NW in Washington, DC.

Use promocode "BBBC" for free registration at

The VCXC Start!Forum marks the first annual meeting of the telecom 
industry's historic transition to all-IP networks. The VCXC Start!
Campaign speeds the transition by facilitating industry dialogue and
 engaging the public during 
briefings, beta testing, and webinars. The clock started for a six
 year all hands on deck transformation of telecom to HD voice and 
all-IP networks at VCXC's June 15, 2012 IP Transition as Grand
 Challenge event.
 The day covers three themes addressing the breadth of the issues 
driving the transition to all-IP networks - IP Communications as a new
 force shaping geopolitics, Moore's Law and software innovation driven 
networks and services, and the
coming transformation of communication policy. The event provides a 
unique networking opportunity for the diverse groups working to 
realize a bright future for the communication industry and 
communicating public.

Telecommunications experts, policy-makers, journalists, government
officials and others following the transition to all-IP networks are
invited to attend this event.

Speakers include:

Richard Wiley, Partner, Wiley Rein
. Mr. Wiley heads the firm’s 80-attorney Communications Practice, the 
largest in the nation. As Chairman of the Federal Communications
 Commission (FCC), he advocated increased competition and lessened
 regulation in the communications
 field. Mr. Wiley played a pivotal role in the development of HDTV in
this country, serving for nine years as Chairman of the FCC’s Advisory 
Committee on Advanced Television Service. He represents a number of 
major communications-
oriented organizations, including Verizon, AT&T, Newspaper Association
of America, Motorola, Viacom/CBS, Sirius Satellite Radio, LG and
Toshiba. Mr. Wiley also is a frequent author and lecturer on
telecommunications and information law.

Peggy Johnson, President Global Market Development, Qualcomm.
 Ms. Johnson is responsible for commercializing new business 
opportunities and developing strategic relationships for the company.
Notably, she oversees Qualcomm Labs, a wholly owned subsidiary of
 Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. that 
serves as an incubator focused on launching new businesses and
 products, as well as exploring new market segments for Qualcomm 
technologies. Johnson also serves as a member of Qualcomm’s executive

George Gilder, Publisher, Gilder Technology Report. 
George Gilder is chairman of Gilder Group, Inc. and a senior fellow at
 Seattle’s Discovery Institute, where he directs Discovery’s program on 
high Technology and Democracy. Gilder is a contributing editor at 
Forbes, a frequent writer 
for major business publications and the author of several books on 
society, politics, and economics. His books on emerging technologies 
and technology sectors, including Microcosm, Life After Television,
Telecosm, and The Silicon Eye.

The event will take place at the Wiley Rein Conference Center, 1776 K
St. NW, Washington, DC,  9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Registration opens at 8:30
Registration required via

The Broadband Breakfast Club schedule can be viewed at

For More Information Contact:

Sylvia Syracuse

Director of Marketing and Events



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