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In Fundraising Speeches, President Obama Continues to Emphasize Need for Better Broadband

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WASHINGTON, May 22, 2013 – In multiple speeches at fundraising events in New York City on May 13, President Barack Obama emphasized the importance of improving and expanding the nation’s broadband networks.

Each speech praised the resilience of the American spirit in the face of the recent tragedies in Boston, Massachusetts, and West, Texas. He encouraged Americans to turn that attitude toward making improvements in the national infrastructure, which is lagging behind other countries in several areas.

“We’ve got to rebuild our infrastructure so we don’t have the worst … broadband lines,” Obama said at one of the fundraisers, held at a private residence in the city.

In addition to boosting America’s international competitiveness, Obama also noted that such infrastructural improvements would help provide more jobs for American workers.

Josh Evans is a political science major at Grove City College. He is originally from Dover, Florida. An intern at the National Journalism Center in the summer of 2013, he is a Reporter for Broadband Census News and the News Editor for The Collegian at Grove City College.

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