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At Fundraiser, Obama Emphasizes Government Role in Broadband Development Through Recently Announced ConnectEd Program




WASHINGTON, June 19, 2013 – President Barack Obama discussed the important role of the federal government in the development of broadband infrastructure at a fundraiser in the wealthy Silicon Valley suburb of Portola Valley on June 6.

Obama noted the importance of broadband in the everyday lives of Americans, particularly within the field of education. Broadband technology in classrooms stimulates a passion for learning because students are engaged in the material rather than simply listening to a lecture, the president asserted. Accordingly, Obama highlighted his recently unveiled ConnectEd program, which aims to provide high-speed broadband connections to 99 percent of students within the next five years.

“We’re going to meet this deadline, and it has the potential to be transformational in our education system, and save money in the process,” he said.

Obama stated that the government must have a part in facing upcoming challenges, particularly in developing smart grids and broadband infrastructure. However, it is also important that this development take place throughout the country, in both rural and urban areas.

“We’ve got to make sure….that we’re not creating two societies -- one that’s hyper-competitive and innovative and extraordinarily prosperous, and then another half in which folks are struggling just barely to get by and are having a tough time competing -- but rather a situation in which all of us have a chance of success,” he said.


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