New CEA Group Seeks to Set Standards to Reduce Distracted Driving

Mobile Broadband, Wireless June 20th, 2013

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WASHINGTON, June 20, 2013 – The Consumer Electronics Association announced the formation of a group that will work to establish industry standards for designing devices in ways that will minimize distraction while operating vehicles earlier this week.

The group, created by the CEA’s Portable Handheld and In-Vehicle Electronics Committee, will work to suggest standards for handheld and other consumer electronics products used in both private and commercial vehicles, including boats and aircraft as well as automobiles. Recommendations will be based on the same fundamental principles behind the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Phase I Guidelines that were issued to automakers in order to reduce distracted driving.

“A driver’s highest priority should be safe and control of the vehicle at all times,” said Gary Shapiro, President of CEA.

Shapiro also said that designing devices that allow drivers to focus on the road such as GPS navigation systems and Bluetooth is superior to attempting to impose regulations on every potential distraction. A number of CEA member companies already make products to increase driver safety such as lane-drifting alarms and apps that restrict device usage.

CEA is currently looking for participants in the groups from technology companies and other interested parties.

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