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Colorado Governor Emphasizes Broadband in State of the State Speech

Drew Clark



DENVER, January 9, 2014 - Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper referred to the significant of high-speed internet, or broadband access, in his state of the state speech on the floor of the Colorado Capitol on Thursday, as reported by the Denver Post.

Moving forward, our priorities are clear: We are going to remain focused on jobs, education; and ensuring that we have a state that is as healthy as it is fiscally sound.

We are going to continue to improve Colorado's customer service and efficiency; and support our military families.

Fourteen years into the 21st century is well past time to reform our telecommunications laws.

This session, we ask you to pass legislation that will accomplish this, but at the same time rural and other unserved parts of our state should have the same broadband internet access as urban areas.



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