How Silicon Valley won the day over some of the most powerful lobbyists in Washington

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The Federal Communications Commission is poised on Thursday to give technology companies their latest in a series of victories in Washington, one that will see strong new rules applied to Internet providers such as Verizon and Cablevision.

The decision marks a key achievement for tech firms after a months-long campaign against some of the communications industry’s most sophisticated lobbying operations. And it holds major implications for the way consumers experience the Internet. If all goes as expected, the FCC will pass rules that would limit Internet providers from auctioning off the fastest download speeds to the highest bidders, all but ensuring that Web firms — not a cable company — will retain control of what consumers see on their browsers.


Broadband Breakfast had one of the first analysis of this issue, in a story on September 12, 2014: "How Internet Companies are Driving a Public Utility Regulation Approach to Net Neutrality," at

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